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DokiDoki!Precure DokiDoki!FlickDokiDoki!Precure DokiDoki!Flick

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DokiDoki!Precure! DokiDoki Flick

DokiDoki! Precure's flick input practice app is now available! Let's master the quick typing with Pretty Cure!

Flick input is typing method that use flick motion on smart phone. You need to tap 16 times on regular keyboard to type "dokidokI" in Japanese, but all you need tap only 6 times by flick input to type "dokidoki".

"But I'm used to type with regular keyboard and cellphone!"
Take this opportunity and why don't you try out on flick?
The legendary fighters Pretty Cure will support your practice on "DokiDoki Flick"!

Select your favorite Pretty Cure to start the practice and memorable scenes from anime will appear one after the other.
The questions will be like names of characters, attacks and signature phrases. In addition, the mysterious Pretty Cure, Cure Ace is here to help you!
With this app, the boring input practice is change into fun and surely that you forget time by playing!

The difficulty of practice can be selected from three levels; "easy" and "normal" contains questions of few characters and "hard" contains many characters.
All of the questions will appear ub Hiragana so your children can easily play it!

On this app include the "Collection Function" to get a piece of illustrations after practice and collect them to finish the illustrations.
These illustrations are newly drawn just for this app!
By the time you complete the five Pretty Cure illustrations, maybe you cannot go back to regular input!

*iPhone 4S or later recommended.
*Requires download on Wi-Fi or on the computer.

Last Update   2014/03/22 Ver.1.6.0

  • Ver.1.6.0 UpDate release.(2014/03/22)

  • Ver.1.4.0 UpDate release.(2014/01/23)

  • Ver.1.2.0 UpDate release.(2013/10/08)

  • Ver.1.0.2 UpDate release.(2013/08/07)

  • The first public version Ver.1.0.0 release.(2013/07/26)

Tittle : DokiDoki!Precure! DokiDoki Flick
Category : Entertainment
Version : 1.6.0
Support : iPhone/iPod Touch
(after iPhone4S)
Price : 360 yen
Japan's handling of only AppStore
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