Worldtrigger Healthlog for iPhone : iPhone-Application
Worldtrigger Healthlog  for iPhone

Worldtrigger Healthlog  for iPhoneWorldtrigger Healthlog  for iPhone

Price : 120 yen apple_store_40.png
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Worldtrigger Healthlog for iPhone

*iPhone5s or later recommended.
*Requires download on Wi-Fi or on the computer.

Last Update   2016/10/07 Ver.1.2.6

  • Ver.1.2.6 Update Release.(2016/10/07)

  • Ver.1.2.5 Update Release.(2016/10/02)

  • Ver.1.2.0 Update Release.(2016/01/06)

  • Ver.1.0.9 Update Release.(2015/11/01)

  • Ver.1.0.7 Update Release.(2015/10/24)

  • Ver.1.0.4 Update Release.(2015/09/17)

  • Ver.1.0.2 Update Release.(2015/09/08)

  • The first public version Ver.1.0.0 release.(2015/08/30)

Tittle : Worldtrigger Healthlog
for iPhone
Category : Healthcare/Entertainment
Version : 1.2.6
Support : iPhone (after iPhone5s)
Price : 120 yen
Japan's handling of only AppStore
Copyright (C) OBLAGON co.,ltd. All rights reserved."