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KAGAYA Puzzle&ClockKAGAYA Puzzle&Clock

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KAGAYA Puzzle&Clock

An artistic world that combines mythology and a fantastic starry sky! A digital fine artist, KAGAYA's masterpiece is now released for the iPad!

The art collection "the Zodiac" has been well-received not only in Japan but also all over the world.
The beauty of the digital art, which is made with sophisticated lines, delicate colors and precise representation of constellations, is completely reproduced on the high quality, high resolution display of the iPad!

This application allows you to enjoy the 12 zodiac signs that KAGAYA designed. If you already have his art books or puzzles, you can also enjoy the difference between the impressive brightness on the printed paper and the fine transparency seen on the digital screen.

Moreover, a compelling world-view that allows you to take a look at the trailer of the new planetarium program "Starry Tales".
A must see!

Select your favorite image on iPad and display it on the your desk.
It allows you to bring your mind in line with the universe and away from the bustle of everyday life.

- Comment from KAGAYA
iPad's screen is stunning and its variety of color can reproduce my images.
Please keep those shining stars on your hand and simply enjoy watching their beauty or play with the fun puzzles.

* Art clock
- Show a full size illustration on iPad.
- Setup date, easy animation, BGM or alarm.

* Jigsaw puzzle
- Play a jigsaw puzzle choosing from 12 illustrations with auto-saving.

Last Update   2011/08/10 Ver.1.0.1

Ver.1.0.1 release.(2011/08/10)
  • bug fix.

The first public version Ver.1.0.0 release.(2011/06/24)

Title : KAGAYA Puzzle&Clock
Category : Entertainment
Version : 1.0.1
Support : iPad
Price : $1.99
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