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"Heibei - Tatami Mat Unit Converter" - Convert tatami to square meters or tsubo units on your iPhone and iPod touch.

This application will help you calculate a tatami's size or check the supported dimension of home electric appliances.

- Support from 1 to 300 tatami mats (the size of a large party room)
- Flicking the picker calculates the number of tatami mats
- Tatami mats are automatically converted into square meters and tsubo
- Tapping the Standard button shows the standard tatami size (Chukyoma)
- Tapping the Kyoma button converts the value into Kyoma size
- Tapping the Edoma button converts the value into Edoma size
- Tapping the Danchima button converts the value into Danchima size

* Note that Heibei uses the size of Chukyoma as the standard tatami size.

Last Update   2017/10/30 Ver.1.7.0

  • Ver.1.7.0 Update Release.(2017/10/30)

  • Ver.1.6.0 Update Release.(2017/09/25)

  • Ver.1.5.0 Update Release.(2012/04/04)

Tittle : heibei
Category : Utility
Version : 1.7.0
Support : iPhone/iPod Touch
Price : Free
Japan's handling of only AppStore
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