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Do you know the national sport of Japan?
Yes, of course it's "Sumo"!
Nowadays, we have professional sumo wrestlers not only from Japan but from many countries and the great sumo bouts on the dohyo ring entertain fans all over the world.
Haven't you noticed that you didn't get the type of Kimarite techniques used by the winner announced after the bout?
The Kimarite application can help you!

Not only can you search the details of the techniques by alphabetical order but also easily search the techniques by genre or check how it's written in Kanji characters.

This application features accurate and friendly illustrations drawn by Kototsurugi, the former sumo wrestler and Japanese/English commentator, which is best suited for sumo beginners and foreigners who are interested in the Japanese culture!

The bout on the ring is decisive and the fight is over in a blink of an eye.
Be a Kimarite master with this application and enjoy sumo much more!

Last Update   2017/11/10/01/10 Ver.1.3.1

  • Ver.1.3.1 Update Release.(2017/11/10)

  • Ver.1.3.0 Update Release.(2017/11/08)

  • The first public version Ver.1.0 release.

Tittle : SumoTechniques(TheKimarite)
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Version : 1.3.1
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