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Mission Scope -Multi Connect-Mission Scope -Multi Connect-

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MissionScope -Receiver for OSX-
MissionScope -Receiver for OSX-   Price : Free MissionScope -Receiver for OSX-
Support : after OSX 10.11.x
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* Please see the help PDF to know usage.
Mac OSX version is used only for receiving the image.
Please use Ver.1.0.0 in MacOS 10.8x-10.10x.

* When this application does not start in a double click ? >>

Ver. 2.3.0 Update release.


Your iPhone and iPad become your "third eye"...!!!
Finally released an innovative application that allows you to watch your back!

Wouldn't you want to pluck gray hairs on the back of your head?
No one helps you to put a medicated patch on your back?
Are you curious to check the attic of your house or watch behind the wardrobe?

This camera application allows you to "see invisible places"!!!

To get started, download the application on two devices.
You can use two iPhones, two iPads or an iPhone and an iPad. Make sure that your devices have a camera built on them.
Launch the app on both devices at the same time and link them via Bluetooth. Now you are ready to start your mission!
One device works as a camera, and the other works as a monitor in order to display the images taken by the camera.

- The devices can be used at the separated places as long as there is an active Bluetooth connection!
- Record and save the images!
- Send saved images via email!

* The app uses a low resolution image due to giving high priority to processing speed.
* The audio won't be recorded and sended.
* Using this application requires two devices (iPhone4 or iPhone4S, iPad2) of iOS5.
* Please note that if you quit the app on one of the two devices during sending or receiving images, the images won't be recorded (saved).
*The image is recordable for about 40 seconds at the longest.
If the time limit exceeded, record will be stopped automatically.
*It does not support "iPodTouch."

Please understand beforehand that our company does not take any
responsibility about the trouble which occurred at the time of use.


MISSION SCOPE operation PDF manual ( after Ver.2.0.0 )
* Compatible PDF [ iOS version and OSX version ]
( Ver.2.0.0   2013/12/26 )
( Ver.2.0.0   2013/12/26 / used for printing)

MISSION SCOPE operation PDF manual ( before Ver.1.5.0 )
( Ver.1.0.0   2012/02/07 )

Last Update 2021/08/05 Ver.2.3.0(iOS)/Ver.1.2.2(OSX)

Ver.2.3.0 Update release. (2021/08/05 iOS version)
  • bugs fix
  • compatible iOS13 later.

Ver.2.2.5 Update release. (2017/03/25 iOS version)
  • bugs fix
  • compatible iOS10.

Ver.1.2.2 Update release.(2017/03/14 OSX version)
  • optimized for OSX 10.11.

Ver.2.0.5 Update release. (2014/03/06 iOS version)
  • fix display of iPad and the other bug.

Ver.2.0.0 Update release. (2014/01/20 iOS version)
  • It can transmit to two or more iOS(s).
  • It can transmit to OSX.

Ver.1.0.0 release.(2014/01/20 OSX version)
  • Mac OSX version "Mission Scope -Receiver for OSX-"
    The first public version Ver.1.0.0 release.

Ver.1.5.0 Update release. (2013/10/24)
  • compatible iOS7.

Ver.1.0.2 Update release. (2012/06/06)
  • bugs fix

Ver.1.0.1 Update release. (2012/05/06)
  • adding help manual
  • bugs fix

Ver.1.0.0 release.(2012/02/05)
  • The first public version Ver.1.0.0 release.

Tittle : Mission Scope -Multi Connect-
Category : Photo&Video , Utilities

Version : 2.3.0
Support : iPhone/iPad
(after iOS 7.0)

Version : 1.0.2
Support : iPhone/iPad
(after iOS 5.0)

Price : $ 1.99

Tittle : Mission Scope
-Receiver for OSX-
Category : Photo&Video , Utilities

Version : 1.2.2
Support : Macintosh
(after OSX 10.11)

Version : 1.0.0
Support : Macintosh
(after OSX 10.8)

Price : Free
Copyright (C) OBLAGON co.,ltd. All rights reserved."