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All About Pretty Cure!All About Pretty Cure!

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All About Pretty Cure!
"Pretty Cure Dictionary - Pretty Cure Certification Quiz for Daddy -"

The icon for young girls, the legendary fighters Pretty Cure are here!
Welcome to the world of Pretty Cure!

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* If the content do not work normally after paying for "Star☆Twinkle Precure" from "TV series",
please use "Restore" button under "Credit" to restore.

The icon for young girls, the legendary fighters Pretty Cure are here! Welcome to the world of Pretty Cure!
The popular fighting girls Pretty Cure, has release its 16th TV series. Dads and moms! Can you catch up with your kids' conversations?

"How many Pretty Cure girls are there?"
".....Ahhhh, I'm sure there are many!"

"Awesome! It's KIRA YABA!"
"Wha, k...kira yaba?"

Well doesn't that sounds familiar to you?
With this app, plenty of visual animations and information about each characters, such as their personality, hobbies and special items... There's no doubt you'll be a Pretty Cure expert!
Don't you want to know which Pretty Cure that your kids likes?

There's search function to look up Pretty Cures from color. The "Character References" will satisfy the fans, and additional updates on "Pretty Cure Quiz" to try out the knowledge of entire series of Pretty Cure.

Prepare for the new movie with this app, and you'll be able to enjoy it more with your kids!

[ Basic of App (Free of Charge) ] *Enjoy as soon as you download it.
* We are having campaign for supporting
the "Pretty Cure Miracle Universe"!
* Archives of summary of movies
(Only the works after the app released)
* The contents includes the functions of dictionary and album of TV series "We are Pretty Cure" to "HUGtto! Pretty Cure"
[ Add-on Contents (Free) ]
Character Dictionary of Newest TV series "Star☆Twinkle PreCure"

* Information and images about "Star☆Twinkle PreCure" will be updated during March 2019 to February 2020. User that purchased Add-on will enjoy all of the contents within this range.

*Requires iPhone 5S/iOS7.0 or later recommended.
*The app weights more than 500MB. Requires download on Wi-Fi or on the computer.
*Reboot the app after the installation due to the increase in app volume.

Last Update   2020/04/14 Ver.9.6.0

  • Ver.9.6.0 Update Release.(2020/04/14)

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  • Ver.9.1.0 Update Release.(2019/04/20)

  • Ver.8.9.6 Update Release.(2019/02/20)

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  • Ver.3.24.1 Update Release.(2013/06/14)

Tittle : All About Pretty Cure!
Pretty Cure Dictionary
(- Pretty Cure Certification
Quiz for Daddy -)

Category : Entertainment
Version : 9.6.0
Support : iPhone (after 5S/iOS7.0)

Price : Free

Add-on :
"Star☆Twinkle PreCure"
Add-on Price : Free

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